5 small diet changes that will keep your teeth healthy

1. Fancy a morning coffee? Just stick to milk

Drinks like coffee, tea and alcohol can lead to permanent stains on your teeth – and, in particular, there are some tannic acids in coffee that can affect the appearance of tooth enamel and how white your teeth are. But milk is an excellent source of calcium, which can help to strengthen your bones and teeth. Try and refrain from that morning coffee and stick to a refreshing glass of milk instead.

2. Be wary of cereals

Although some cereals can be good sources of fibre and iron, many are also very high in sugar, meaning you are likely damaging your teeth right from the beginning of your day. Good alternatives would be basics such as rolled oats, or Greek-style yoghurt with fruit and nuts, which is low in sugar and high in calcium.

3. Keep your fruit and veg crunchy

Crunchy vegetables such as carrots and celery contain a lot of water, which is good for your oral health as they can stimulate the flow of saliva and scrub the surfaces of your teeth. Meanwhile, crunchy fruit like apples are high in fibre, which means it helps to combat plaque and help to keep your breath fresh. Avoid fruits such as oranges, which are loaded with citric acid – acids are the number one cause of enamel erosion, which weakens tooth enamel and makes someone more likely to suffer from tooth cavities.

4. Choose water over fizzy and energy drinks

Many energy drinks are very high in sugar, with some brands containing up to eight teaspoons in one serving. And fizzy, sports and energy drinks contain acids which also attack and damage tooth enamel. This is also true for diet drinks, which people often think are a healthier alternative. Aside from the obvious health benefits of drinking water, it can help to flush out any foods that are stuck in your teeth, which can lead to decay if it happens regularly. If you insist on having a fizzy or energy drink, make sure you use a straw to cut down contact with your teeth.

5. Think about baking

If you’re a keen baker, it’s likely many of your dishes will be high in sugar. You could consider replacing this sugar with a natural sweet option, such as fruit, unsweetened apple sauce or dairy.

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