Fascinating Facts About Your Teeth

Half of us brush our tongue when we brush our teeth

  • It takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile

  • A ‘smile’ comes top of the things we first notice when meeting a new person

  • Teeth/Smiles are rated the second most important attraction feature, after personality, and the most important body feature surveyed (including body shape, height, hair, face and eyes).

  • More than half of us would share our toothbrush with somebody: 24% to our partner, 18% to our child, 7% to a friend and 6% to a celebrity

  • Almost 60% of us say we regularly floss, however, sales in the UK indicate that the true figure is actually more like 5%

  • A toothbrush came top of the list of things we could not do without when we go on holiday

  • If we only had five minutes to get ready in the morning, one in twenty would skip brushing our teeth

  • The colour yellow makes us smile the most, whereas purple makes us smile the least

  • Chocolate comes top of the foods that make us smile the most, followed then by Sunday roast, a curry and a fry-up

  • When seeking a new partner, a smile is top of the most sought after physical attributes, beating body shape, dress sense and eyes

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