The Patient Journey is quite simply a way that we measure our performance here at Woolton Dental.  When you visit us we will often ask you to complete a very quick Assessment Survey, this is completely confidential and allows us to understand how you are patients rate us.  Learning in this way will help us to improve your experience and how we can treat you better.


These surveys look at the basics such as would you recommmend us to your friends and family but also more important things like was the treatment expalined to you.  As you would expect it also looks at waiting times and answering the phones.

Patient Journey

Each month we publish the scores from all the surveys and unlike some other health practitioners we would like to make them available here for you to see, we believe this should be the case as it's all about you and how you are treated.

January 2016


Very soon, we wil share with you our results for this month.

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